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Danny Gokey - Hope in Front of Me

Danny Gokey has a remarkable touching and heart wrenching story that is the most inspiring testament for believing in Deity of God, Jesus and and the Holy Spirit that can ever be told.

Danny Gokey was happy and content in his faith and marriage to Sophia, his high school sweetheart and wife of 5 years. Sophia died one month before the American Idol auditions that she encouraged her husband to try out for.

Danny Gokey attended the audition and I remember his video testament and how palpable his pain was in the early video interview that preceded his audition. Through his pain he was able to deliver on Sophia's desire that he try out for the show.

Through inspiration and his continued belief in God Danny's new album is a smashing hit and a life testimony of the Grace of God. I highly recommend picking up the CD.

Danny has also written a book, "Hope in Front of Me" and it is an inspiring read. Danny Gokey is a remarkable person who is doing remarkable things through his story and Sophia's Heart, a foundation Danny set up in Sophia's name to help struggling families with shelter as they get back on their feet.
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