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Spam Networks and Hosting

With more and more piracy happening on the net hosting companies are finding a lucrative supply of cash opening their networks of once legitimate virtual hosting to allow spam centers and virtual proxy servers or VPN services. These once well respected networks are finding it very difficult to refuse the income that allowing a certain portion of their networks to slip into these spammer and proxy terrorists. Just how much is acceptable?

Many legitimate businesses used to rely on collocation services through such providers who offer colo-hosting but with network spam rates exceeding 50%, 60%, or 90+ percent what legitimate business can afford the steep cost of hosting with them and the range of IP addresses that they operate. Maintaining a reputable business with a web site and email server hosted on a previously "bad" or abused IP range can be quite costly to one's reputation.

Protecting your website's reputation is of utmost importance in preserving and elevating your SEO objective. Launching a perfectly secured, SEO optimized, web presence on a range of IP addresses with a "bad" reputation isn't very sound business. Be prudent in selecting your host and insist they allow you to do a pre-purchase search on the IP range you will be provisioning from their network. Use diligence in proving the reputation of those IPs before you agree to purchase services. Run the prospective IP ranges against many DBL's. You may want to use an aggregator tool for checking an IP address for nefarious use by using a free service such as There are many hosting services to choose from just be informed about your selection as there are more costs to consider other than the monthly hosting fee.
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