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Christian Believers Persecution

In this day and age of "political correctness" Christians are falling under intense criticism by non-believers and mislead so called Christians for not accepting the "new normal". Are we as Christians supposed to believe that our Holy Bible contains only allegorical descriptions of what God says in the inspired manuscript? I believe that God says exactly what he means and furthermore, means what he says.

I personally have a hard time listening to someone who calls himself Christian turn his back on the very people that he supposedly shares a belief in the one true God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. The fact that anyone could stand by and allow the destruction of Christian Churches and the murder of innocent believers stands in the face of this falsehood he projects.

I submit that he is not who he professes to be. He is, in fact, a liar that bows in obedience to the false god of Islam. He aligns himself with Islam and remonstrates, or berates Christianity at every opportunity.

I do not understand how a country founded on the belief in God; a country in which 90 percent of its' citizens believe in the Deity of Jesus Christ, can stand by and watch this abomination descend on us. We seem to be content to allow the loud and vocal few to decide for the many. We certainly complain about the few voices that are bringing the destruction of our country built on the belief in God, but what are we willing to do about it? What would you be willing to do to reclaim what our obedience to God and Israel have allowed us to enjoy? Should we all just stand by and allow them to change our support of Israel and all the blessings that are promised from that? We all know that it is wrong and to do nothing is to be disconnected, disengaged or "lukewarm", defiant, disobedient and complicit in God's view.

Rev 3:16
So then because thou art lukewarm, and neither cold nor hot, I will spue thee out of my mouth.

Blasphemers and Apostates like Rick Warren who claim we worship the same God lead their flocks astray. Chrislam is a Trojan Horse promoted by this way of thinking. The Jesus that we know and love as our Saviour is not the Jesus of the Qur'an no matter how many times the Pope blesses the book.

We believers in Jesus Christ the son of God need to ban ourselves together and prepare for the battle that ensues. All that are tired of the few dictating the path of the many please feel free to leave a comment.
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