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Use SSH and SFTP For CentOS, Red Hat, Linux Server Management

Linux users can access their Linux server installations remotely a couple of ways.

If you have a Linux server installation already set up and running the SSH daemon you can access that machine by SSH clients for Windows:

Putty - a command line terminal interface for Windows.

Tunnelier - a Windows graphical interface that provides many different protocols such as sFTP over SSH.

If you primarily access your Linux server over SSH from another Linux machine there is no need for any special software. You can access SSH at command line level simply using Linux terminal. The command to access SSH from terminal is:

$ ssh -p port# username@ipaddress (default port is 22) i.e.
$ ssh -p 22

You will then be prompted for your password.

Alternatively, you may want to have a graphical interface available for transferring files to and from your server. You may use any of the distribution's file managers to connect directly to your server.

For Example using Linux Mint 17 and its' file manager to access a server with sFTP over SSH on CentOS or RHEL: Any desktop Linux distribution has a file manager built in that will work.

$ s

File manager displays directory structure of server machine in a 'friendly' graphical interface much like the Windows client Tunnelier.

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