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Mermaids The Body Found is Hocus Pocus CGI

Ok, so I've watched Animal Planet's so called documentary and the follow-up "New Evidence" that was on tonight. I have read that this story is all fake and they are just using it to start conversations about how exploration in the ocean is bad for marine life especially for undiscovered species that are supposed to be "human like".

I have to say that based on the way that I feel about Bigfoot I would tend to agree that there could be a species that we have not discovered in the oceans. It does warrant more investigation, however, let us not be held hostage to off-shore oil and natural gas exploration because of some species that is potentially a fable.

Bigfoot is being sought after without any delay in on-shore exploration. We need to do the same in the off-shore realm and if more "credible" evidence is discovered then we can revisit the whole nature before oil drilling debate. All I have seen on the Animal Planet's documentary is potentially CGI hocus pocus.
Last update on July 27, 9:03 am by CJ.
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