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Tribes 1 Servers Still Active

Tribes One was released in 1998 as an online first person shooter. It's hard to believe that a online game that was released when most of the gamers of the day connected by dial-up modem. The gameplay by modem connection was surprisingly responsive. With multiple servers now hosting games and the increase of internet speeds in Tribes plays alot smoother. Other popular games that I feel are a total ripoff of Tribes (Halo to mention one) don't have that all important signature control that is the centerpiece of Tribes - The abilty to fly using your jetpack. Flying and targeting players in-air takes a lot of practice. Not only does a player have to be aware of energy level in his jetpack but also has to account for the arc of the projectile that he is firing. This one signature ability makes the Tribes experience unique. If you have never tried Tribes before I would suggest you check it out. Google it and you should find some links to the game for free download. Maybe you'll see me in one of the gameservers...I host a few of them too.
Last update on August 3, 5:44 pm by CJ.
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