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Alexandra Michaels
An overview to the realm of bingo online
Lately, there are many web-based halls that contain everyone’s favorite game, thus it may also be carried out without ever stepping out of your home. But if you desire to make real money as well as pl...
Samsung Galaxy Light and T-Mobile
I don't normally write reviews at least on cell phones but there is this deal that I had to share. My wife has been somewhat reluctant to move into the smartphone arena - reluctant is an understateme...
Alfred E Neuman
Eric Cantor Beat By The Tea Party Candidate Dave Brat
The pundits on TV news are going crazy... "Is this a win for the Tea Party?" "If this is about immigration reform this will keep a Republican from being elected to the White House,"...blah...blah...b...
Theresa Caputo Long Island Medium - The Spiritual Realm
I occasionally catch an episode of "Long Island Medium" starring Theresa Caputo and more than being interested in her psychic abilities I just enjoy the interactions among she and her family. I find ...
The Harbinger
Have you heard of the Harbinger: the ancient mystery that holds the secrets of the United States in the future? The mystery is predicted by these little unknown tidbits: The Stone Of Judgement tha...