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Eric Cantor Beat By The Tea Party Candidate Dave Brat

The pundits on TV news are going crazy...
"Is this a win for the Tea Party?" "If this is about immigration reform this will keep a Republican from being elected to the White House,"...blah...blah...blah! We certainly hope so. Those incumbents who have made a career out of public service have been servicing their wallets for far too long...including Republican, RINOs, and Democrats. We need some fiscal responsibility in these offices...federal and local. The Tea Party needs more conservatives like Louie Gohmert,

and the "fighting mad, I'm not accept to take any answer but the truth", Trey Gowdy
and the clear visions of a true leader like Bobby Jindal

Just don't give us another Bush and we have had our fill of Carl Rove and his whiteboard. Go home RINOs! You didn't stand with those who tried to warn you about the influx of Muslim Brotherhood advising the important department heads and department of defense officials, CIA and NSA. Thank you for your service Michele Bachmann.
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