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Theresa Caputo Long Island Medium - The Spiritual Realm

I occasionally catch an episode of "Long Island Medium" starring Theresa Caputo and more than being interested in her psychic abilities I just enjoy the interactions among she and her family. I find it hilarious that her kids and husband explore so many of Theresa's quirky mannerisms with the audience.

I believe that there is a spiritual realm around us at all times. I just don't believe that this realm is made up of recently passed relatives. I believe instead that we are surrounded by the fallen angels to which the Bible refers. They are the angels who followed Satan's departure from grace. They have the ability to heal, imitate, and deceive because like Satan the world is their dominion.

There is a movie that kind of explores this realm of spiritual beings and is in my opinion well worth your time. It is "Constantine" and stars Keanu Reeves. Although fictional and not scriptural based it does give a person the idea of the struggles between good and evil in the spiritual realm. I pray that mediums and clairvoyants discover what they are potentially interacting with and seek the protection of God. The spiritual realm is real, I believe mediums are real, they just don't fully understand the power they are embracing.
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