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Burn Your Windows Movie Maker Movie to DVD

I was helping family member with a slideshow that she created with Windows Movie Maker - part of Essentials for Windows 7. The slideshow came out very nice complete with dubbed in music and fades between photos. It was kind of like a photo gallery that she wanted to be able to play on her television and DVD player. The problem is that Windows Movie Maker doesn't have any way to record your finished movie to DVD for playback on DVD players so I had to scour the web to find a method that would work.

I came across a blog with some really easy suggestions and examples on how to make your movie playable on DVD players. This is what you'll need - and both software packages are free:

  • 1. Create your Windows Movie Maker file and publish it to your hard drive.

  • 2. Convert the Movie (WMV) to DVD format using DVD Flick

  • 3. Burn the DVD files to DVD with imgburn

Once your DVD burner is finished you can put it in your DVD player and watch your slideshow on your TV. There is also a setting in DVD Flick to set your screen resolution. You can set it for wide view TVs the 16:9 widescreen setting is there. For a better explaination with pictures and a step by step you can visit Online Tech Tips Website.
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