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Friendoozle Launches Tea Party Conservative Social Network

Posted on February 8, 2016 by | 7 views
With the negative publicity that other social networking sites are receiving, Friendoozle has launched a Conservative, Tea Party Friendly, social network that will enable a safe place for like minded persons to discuss conservative ideas. Friendoozle does not abrogate your right to free speech nor does it discourage respectful discussions. Political correctness has crippled free speech and Friendoozle encourages it.

Friendoozle, originally founded in 2002, has been offering friends and family a safe portal to stay in touch. The social network was launched to promote a "G" rated alternative to the other services, one that is safe for kids, as well as providing tools and features for the most sophisticated social network users. "Friendoozle decided to include the patriots social networking ability to their already existing "G" rated, pastor endorsed services including their integration of Skype.

From an Excerpt of an Interview with Friendoozle's Technology Director

    "We were pleased with Microsoft's purchase of Skype. With Microsoft's backing Skype will benefit from their vast pool of talent and capital that will provide for continued enhancements and developments of the Skype software. The added stability they will bring should benefit Skype's robust user base with a record 10 plus million concurrent sessions - a record set not too long ago. For those who have never experienced Skype it is certainly a formidable and deserving video calling solution plus more."
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