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Microsoft Stopped Support for XP and Consequently IE 8

Posted on February 8, 2013 by | 14 views

It just doesn't seem right, we fought upgrading to Vista and boy are we glad we did. Now Microsoft is nudging us off our familiar and trusted operating system XP. You have fought the good fight and now the battle is over migrate or else - or so they want you to believe.

There is little doubt that XP has been the most stable workhorse of Microsoft's line of OSes - I was a fan of Windows 2000 myself - and now XP is being retired as system builders move into Windows 8. As an owner of older hardware, which works just fine by the way, that is not quite "beefy" enough for Windows 7 what am I to do?

You can choose to upgrade to Windows 7 and suffer the downside that your user experience may rate low on Windows 7's Performance Assessment, however, your current PC might run Windows 7 just fine.
You may not care that your hardware rates at a 2.9 out of 7.9 and that is fine because the performance assessment value is kind of an arbitrary number anyway. If your PC boots and runs somewhat stable then an upgrade to Windows 7 may be a good move to avoid the XP - IE 8 trap.

There is another alternative that many users may want to consider - Linux. It doesn't really matter much which flavor you choose; Fedora Core, CentOS, Mandrake, Ubuntu or many others in the list what matters is the time you need to invest to learn a new OS. If you like solving complicated puzzles then Linux might be a viable alternative. It is worth considering. Learning a new OS is a good thing, in fact, learning anything new keeps you sharp. You just don't want to become a "cave dweller" and lose all touch with the world outside.

The third option is what I elect to do. Do nothing, just keep old reliable running, with a slight modification. Download Firefox and wean yourself off of Internet Explorer altogether.

As long as Firefox (Mozilla) keeps supporting XP you will be just fine - for the short term anyway. There are certain software that will begin to drop support for XP like anti-virus software. Have no fear, at least short term, there are a lot of alternatives available. Just consider your stand against the Microsoft machine temporary and use your time extension with Firefox to analyze which direction to go in. Whether it be Linux, Windows 7, or throwing out the old hardware and buying new with Windows 8. With any luck XP will outlive your current hardware and it will be time to upgrade anyway.
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