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Friendoozle is the newest place for finding friends and family to connect and share.

We are building a service that will allow an easy way to find old friends, discover new friends, stay in touch with your family, schedule your high school reunion, and find your classmates online. Finding friends in a new town can be a challenge and Friendoozle will be here to help. If you are planning a trip and just want help finding new friends or if you are moving to a new city or state Friendoozle is here to help you finding new friends while staying in touch with old friends. Family can get spread out in our ever changing world and it is one of our primary objectives to allow an easy and safe place for friends and family to stay in touch. Friendoozle is an alternative social networking site. We strive to keep social networking "clean" and safe for all of our members. We are a Conservative Social Networking website. We are not affiliated with any Political group such as the Tea Party but we strive to keep an open mind concerning issues of Political correctness and the negative effect it has on Traditional Conservative values.

Kids are our most precious resource and if you are looking for a "G" rated alternative that is free of all the potential risks then you have found that alternative. Unlike services that are popular on the internet we screen all content that is posted and any questionable material is removed. Please join our service and help us keep it that way. We want to be your Christian friends or friends of faith social networking site where everyone can feel safe.

We are so very glad you have stopped by to take a look at Friendoozle. This was a vision that started about 10 years ago. After researching the type of sites there were already established our development team decided to integrate new and exciting features that we were not seeing on the other sites...just little "features" to enhance our subscriber's online experience. Out of that very simple idea we have arrived with this site that is packed with features that you will be hard pressed to find anywhere else. We are very pleased with our progress so far and we will be adding more exciting features as our site grows. We welcome any feedback, whether it be positive or critical. Please let us invite you to be part of that on-going evolution.

We will be rolling out new and exciting technologies to help you find your classmates from high school or college that you may have lost contact with. When we first started designing and fine tuning our business model we looked closely at other social networking sites and decided to offer similar services (eg. voice/video recording on your profile, email-messaging, and various partner promotions and deals, etc.) We believe our members are sophisticated and demand these types of new opportunities. Do expect to see changes as we bring on new services and partnerships.

Beyond offering services for friends to stay in touch, we also partner with several Military support services. We are grateful for the service our sons, daughters, and families of our Military. We are humbled by their sacrifices and we want to extend our thanks by offering a place for them to connect and stay in touch for free. As Friendoozle grows our plan is to offer our returning military professionals employment opportunities. It is our desire to give back to those who have given so much.

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